About Chocolopolis

Popping a square of Bonnat Madagascar chocolate into her mouth, Chocolopolis founder Lauren Adler was surprised to find bursts of fruit taking over her senses. Lauren had never tasted chocolate quite like this. It was incredibly fruity and wonderful, not bitter as she had expected, and its complex flavors lasted well after the chocolate had melted. Lauren was intrigued by everything about the chocolate. Its flavor, its geographic origins, its French makers, and its siblings, who lined the shelves with names like Ceylan, Equateur and Puerto Cabello.

Despite her lifelong love of chocolate, Lauren discovered that she had never tasted the best that chocolate had to offer. She’d spent years eating chocolate full of sugar, oils, and other ingredients that masked the true flavor of the beans (and probably for good reason).

Lauren had found her calling. In 2008 Lauren opened Chocolopolis, a retail chocolate store dedicated to educating chocolate lovers about the finer points of bean-to-bar chocolate. Lauren and her team at Chocolopolis have built a curated collection of chocolate that is respected around the world. They work with a panel of customers to blind taste and rate the many samples of chocolate they receive before deciding which chocolate bars to add to their curated collection. Chocolopolis has become a beloved and trusted resource among customers for its knowledge of chocolate and cacao, and for the chocolate experiences and community it has created among its international customer base.