Celebrating 10 Years of Craft Chocolate

Chocolopolis / Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

It’s been 10 years since we opened our doors and introduced Seattle to craft chocolate!

We’re kicking off our tenth anniversary celebration on July 3 with extended hours from 11:00am to 7:00pm to mark our first full day of business in 2008. I’ll be in residence, ready to reminisce with you and to share some tasty chocolate treats. It’s a great day to stop by with your friends, family and out-of-town guests. In addition to tasty treats on Tuesday, we have some great specials and a month of fun events.

July 3 Specials:

  • A chocolate bar at its original 2008 price. We’ll announce the bar on social media on July 3. Find us @chocolopolis on all major social media platforms.
  • Samples of some of our favorite inclusion and filled chocolate bars
  • Our special anniversary “Then & Now” truffle collection. Packaged in a tin to commemorate our “tin” anniversary, the box contains 5 Christopher Elbow truffles and 5 Batch PDX truffles, representing truffles we’ve featured for 10 years (Christopher Elbow) and truffles we’ve added to our collection in 2018 (Batch PDX).

We will continue to add more events to our celebration throughout the year. Here’s what’s coming up in July:

July 3, 2018 – Anniversary kick-off celebration
We’re open from 11am-7pm. Join us for chocolate samples and a great buy on a bar we’ve had since 2008. Pick up our Then & Now truffle collection.

July 7 & July 11 – Customer Happy Hour Spotlight: Samantha Reynolds

Join us for tastes of some of Samantha’s favorite bars.

July 13 – Play a chocolate game

Taste the chocolate, guess the correct answer and receive a chocolate treat as a reward. Whether you answer correctly or not, you get to taste chocolate!

July 14 & July 18 – Customer Happy Hour Spotlight: Monali Patel

Join us for tastes of Monali’s favorite bars.

July 19 – Launch of the Pacific Northwest Chocolate Society
Join me, Lauren Adler, and Barbie VanHorn of Finding Fine Chocolate for the launch of the PNW Chocolate Society. We have a limited number of spaces available for our inaugural meeting. If you don’t make it this time, there will be plenty of opportunities to attend future meetings. Check out the PNW Chocolate Society Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter for more information.

July 20 – Chocolate Trivia
Answer 5 trivia questions correctly and receive a chocolate treat. Stop by any time between 1pm and 6pm.

July 21 & July 25 – Happy Hour: A Throwback to the American Craft Makers of 2008
Join us for samples of chocolate from some of the first American craft chocolate makers.

July 26 – Social Media Scavenger Hunt
Where’s Lauren? We’ll post a clue on social media. Find Lauren and she’ll give you chocolate.

July 27 – Chocolate Trivia
Answer 5 trivia questions correctly and receive a chocolate treat. Stop by any time between 1pm and 6pm.

July 28 – Happy Hour: Taste Fresh Cacao & A Throwback to the Non-US Chocolate Makers of 2008
We’ll crack fresh cacao pods and taste cacao pulp from Montoso Gardens in Puerto Rico, followed by chocolate from some of the original bars we carried in 2008 from non-US makers.

July 29 – BBQ Celebration
Party like it’s 2018! Join us for a BBQ at the Interbay WorkLofts. We’re looking forward to sharing food and chocolate with you at this informal celebration that’s open to all of our customers. We’ve reserved the beautiful courtyard outside our store for the afternoon. Stop by for lunch and s’mores.