Customer Spotlight – Adam

Chocolopolis, Community / Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

This is the first post in our new series, “Customer Spotlight”. There are so many wonderful customers who are part of our community that we thought it would be fun to tell their stories, and to let them choose their favorite bars for happy hour. Long-time customer Adam kicks off our series.

Adam first found Chocolopolis in 2012 while living on Queen Anne Hill. He and his partner became regular customers, getting to know our entire team and stopping by for chocolate and conversation almost daily. They joined our monthly customer curation group which gave them a chance to bond with some of our other regular chocolate customers. In 2014 they told us they were moving to Boston. At first we were disappointed that we wouldn’t be seeing them every day, and that they would no longer be able to join our monthly tasting group. That’s when they suggested Skype tastings.

During our first Skype tasting I remember turning my laptop around so they could see the entire group as we tasted samples of the chocolates we were rating that month. It was wonderful to have the tradition continue from 3,000 miles away, albeit virtually. Our drought ended in 2017 when they moved back to Seattle. It was great to have their virtual presence while they were away, but nothing beats having them here in person.

One of Adam’s favorite bars is Amedei 9, but he often has a difficult time deciding how many bars to purchase. He works part-time in three different offices, and he likes to have a bar of chocolate at each office. He’ll often say, “Is it an Amedei 18 day or an Amedei 27 day?” while making the decision.

Adam volunteers at the Seattle Animal Shelter, which is two blocks away from our store in Interbay. He visits us after every shift to pick up a chocolate treat, often sharing cute photos of the dogs or cats he’s just visited. He writes online bios of the animals available for adoption, and he takes the dogs for walks. We live vicariously with the furry photos he shares with us.

Here’s a little bit more about Adam in his own words, including his chocolate picks for Saturday’s happy hour.

What’s your favorite bar of chocolate right now?

My favorite bar of the moment is Areté Bolivia.  I really like the texture and the nice, fruity flavor.  While I’ve been enjoying Areté Brasil for months, this is the bar I’m enjoying most at the moment.

Do you have a favorite bar of all time? This can be something that is no longer available.

I love the Goss Extra Dark 85%. (Editor’s note: This is a bar we have not had in a few years. We may be bringing it back!)

How did you discover Chocolopolis?

I discovered it walking down the street in Queen Anne.

What do you do when you’re not tasting chocolate?

I’m a psychologist and am currently working three part-time positions. I like to have a bar of chocolate at each office.

Anything else you would like to share?

I love meeting people in the chocolate community and getting to learn more about bean-to-bar chocolate.

What bars have you chosen for us to taste at this week’s happy hour?

Amedei 9 (75% Blend)
Soma Choroni 70% (Venezuela)
Areté Brasil 70%
Escazu Piura Blanco 70% (a limited edition – when this is gone, there is no more)
Madre Nine Fine Mynahs 70%
Areté Bolivia 70%