What We’re Eating: Domori Sambirano

Bar of the Week, Madagascar / Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

As I’ve said before, I love Madagascar chocolate. The complexity of the flavor profiles found in this not-so-little island is astounding. Who knew chocolate could be elevated to this level?

Domori Sambirano 70% Dark Chocolate Domori SambiranoFor those of you unfamiliar with chocolate maker Domori I’ll give you the run down. This Italian chocolate maker is committed to what it calls “cocoa culture” or a desire to bring fine chocolate into the mainstream while maintaining the culture and biodiversity that is part of cacao’s history. It is no wonder we carry so many of their bars as this mission is one that is close to our hearts. If you’ve been away you may have noticed a few changes. They’ve recently revamped their packaging and moved to smaller, 25g boxes, but the change has been a good one. It keeps their commitment to getting fine chocolate to the masses when many other chocolate makers are having to raise prices (as an added bonus now I can eat the whole bar and not feel so guilty).

Domori always surprises me with it’s smooth texture and sharp snap. No added cocoa butter here folks, this is chocolate at it’s most pure. Upon opening the wrapper you are inundated with rum, raisins, and more rum. A light conch leaves their bars alcoholic tasting (true for most of their bars) – the bold flavors of this bar are not for the faint of heart. With a 70% denomination this is a seemingly darker than average bar with tart fruit staccatos intermingled with a cherry cordial quality.

Stop in this Saturday and try a taste of Domori’s 70% Sambirano bar

Purveyor of fine chocolate