What We’re Eating: Sacha Dark Chocolate Ginger Bar

Bar of the Week, Inclusions / Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

I’m often asked by employees (and customers) why I choose a particular bar of the week to feature. Sometimes it is random, sometimes it is because I haven’t tried a bar in a while, and sometimes it is a request of another staffer. This week’s bar is a request. Dana, one of our lovely chocolate purveyors, is soon to be gone for the summer to teach outdoor education to middle-schoolers in up-state New York. Since she only has a few more weeks of our favorite Chocolopolis perk- a free bar of chocolate every week- I asked if she had any special requests. Her choice? One of Kallari’s new line of artisan chocolates, Sacha, made with their 71% Ecuadorian chocolate, Ginger and Andean Salt.

I most heartily said yes. While it seems chocolate and ginger is a love it or hate it pairing, we love this bar. Not only is it a great company that supports farmer owned cacao farms, they make a pretty darn good bar of chocolate.

This particular bar is light on the tongue with a beguiling taste of flowers and a slight sweetness. Then you get to the chunks of candied ginger and you are really in for a treat. Spicy, chewy and all that candied ginger should be, it warms and soothes. A touch of salt rounds out a truly delicious chocolate. The “Hampik Ushay” bar as they called it was created to play on the medicinal properties of ginger and cacao while still indulging our sweet-tooth. Does it really heal? Well, I feel better after eating it so I’ll say yes.

Not a fan of ginger? Sacha also comes as a single-origin Ecuadorian bar.  Feel free to stop by any time this week (or in weeks to come) and ask for a sample. Our official Saturday bar of the week launch still stands but we understand if you can’t wait until then. I couldn’t.

Purveyor of Fine Chocolate and Operations Extraordinaire